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Partial Refund Application


Request for partial refunding an application on PayTomorrow given the application token returned in the Create Order api endpoint. The payload should contain the new loan amount details and a list of the new lines.

"loanAmount": The total cart amount (the amount that will be financed),
"shipping": Shipping costs,
"taxes": Taxes,
"discount": Discounts,
"items": An array of cart items (ApplicationItem). See below fo the description.

"description": Product description,
"quantity": Quantity of the product,
"price": Price of the product,
"brand": (optional) Product brand,
"model": (optional) Product model,
"sku": (optional) Product sku,
"coupon": (optional) Product coupon,
"discount": (optional) Product discount,
"sale_price": (optional) ,
"extended_list_price": (optional) ,
"extended_sale_price": (optional) ,
"list_price": (optional)

Request Params Requirements

  • "loanAmount": Required, must be a number.
  • "shipping": must be a number.
  • "taxes": must be a number.
  • "applicationItems": Required.


Authorization: Bearer theacces-toke-naaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa // The access token
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body

"loanAmount": 2000,
"shipping": 200,
"taxes": 100,
"discount": 0,
"items": [
"description": "Rose Gold iPhone Xs 256GB",
"quantity": 1,
"price": 2000,
"brand": "Apple",
"model": "iPhone Xs Rose Gold"

Success Response Example

Our response will then contain thew new application token for the new partially refunded app

"status": "ok",
"message": "Partial refund processed",
"token": "c28ae115-c542-41d5-bbb9-d792392c0106"