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Get Application Status


GET Request for getting the application status. It responds with a json containing the status code, the status' description and the max approved amount if the customer have an approved amount.

Application Status Codes

  • Z: Verifying Customer. Customer is going through our fraud prevention and info verification.
  • P: Pending. Application has just been created (more common in Brick and Mortar applications).
  • R: PreApproved. Application has partially gone through our underwriting and is a good candidate (more common in Brick and Mortar applications).
  • A: Approved. Customer has passed our underwriting and is ready to choose an offer, sign the agreement and make a down payment.
  • W: Waiting for Review. Customer has entered information that requires extra validation.
  • S: Ready for Settle. Application is final and the order is waiting to be shipped.
  • C: Funded. Application is final, the order has been shipped and we have initiated the funding.
  • X: Data Mismatch. Customer's information mismatches what we have on file.
  • T: Refunded. Application has been refunded, and the order should be cancelled or returned.
  • U: Declined. The consumer has not passed our underwriting.
  • O: Cancelled. The application has been cancelled.
  • L: Funded by Lender (for third party lender integrations).
  • M: Waiting for Final Lender Approval (for third party lender integrations).


Authorization: Bearer theacces-toke-naaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa // The access token
Content-Type: application/json

Success Response Example

"status": "Z",
"message": "Verifying Customer",
"maxApprovalAmount": 2000