For the PayTomorrow integration to work it requires the installation of two things:

  1. The PayTomorrow Application
  2. The PayTomorrow Gateway

Pre-Installation Setup

To be able to use PayTomorrow as a Payment gateway please make sure that the customer can only checkout with email. To do that, go to Settings -> Checkout and select customer can only check out using email:

Step 1

1. Installing PayTomorrow Application

To install the app you need to copy and paste the installation URL with the host name of your website:

2. Installing the PayTomorrow Gateway

  1. Copy and paste this url into your browser an replace the YOUR-HOSTNAME, with your website's hostname:

Step 2

  1. After installing the payment gateway please go to settings -> payment provider -> Alternative payment methods find PayTomorrow and manage it

Step 3

  1. Enable test for testing purposes. NOTE: we advise you to do some testing before launching.

  2. Get the Shopify username and Api signature:

    1. Login to your PayTomorrow merchant login
    2. Click the Resources button and your will find the Api signature and a form to generate your Shopify Username.

Step 4

3. Monthly Price Estimator (MPE)

  1. Appends PayTomorrow's estimated monthly price to the desired CSS selector and adds an iframe that will be displayed when a user clicks on the monthly price
  2. To activate the MPE please go to Apps -> PayTomorrow -> Monthly Price Estimator
  3. NOTE: You have to gey you Public Id from PayTomorrow dashboard or contact support
  4. For more details about Monthly Price Estimator you can check Monthly Prce Estimator section in documentation under Marketing Tools

Step 5

NOTE : Please don't test anything before completing the process. Please do some testing before going to production.

4. Processing transactions in Shopify

When a customer completes a checkout with PayTomorrow as the payment method.PayTomorrow authorizes a charge for the amount of the order. The charge enters as Ready For Settle Status in PayTomorrow Dashboard.

Step 6

After PayTomorrow authorizes a charge, you can perform the following actions on it in Shopify : Capture, Void or Refund

  1. CaptureStep 7 After clicking on capture you will see: Step 8

Capturing a charge does the following:

=> Begins the customer's billing cycle

=> Triggers the transfer process of funds from PayTomorrow to the merchant

NOTE : Merchants should capture a charge after fulfilling the order.

  1. Void

    If you haven't yet captured a charge, you can cancel its authorization by voiding it (cancelling the order).

  2. Refund

    If you've already captured a charge, you can reverse it and refund the amount. Please note that we don't accept partial refund the amount should be the full amount of the order.